What is category e in zwift

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what is category e in zwift

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what is category e in zwift

Welcome To Zwift. Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you get faster. Level up in the virtual worlds of Zwift with a community that motivates you every minute. Choose from training plans, group rides, races, and more. Discover the world of Zwift today. Play Video Get Started. Your Goals on Your Time. Jet across the desert. Climb a volcano. Escape to the New York City of tomorrow. Chase Goals With A Community. Fuel your next ride with the energy of everyone on Zwift.

Tim Searle AHDR Leader "I like Zwift because it gives me an effective way to continue my training in a social way, at times where it would previously be impossible to do.

what is category e in zwift

Jon Hancock Run Leader "I can balance a busy life and still be able to train regardless of the time of day or conditions outside. Previous Next. Create Account. Careers Press. Get in Touch. Contact Us Partnerships General Inquiries.Posted by Eric Schlange Dec 23, Racing This is the situation Zwift finds itself in this winter regarding a lack of racing category enforcement.

Right now, Zwifters can join any race category they wish. One exception: women-only categories cannot be joined by men. That means a strong A racer can hop into a D race, or vice-versa. If the race organizer sets category limits, those are enforced after the race through the community-developed ZwiftPower.

But there are two much bigger problems with how things work today. Since everything is enforced after the event, sandbaggers can still wreck the race.

During the race, you may put in hard attacks or take long pulls which change the outcome of the race. Perhaps certain riders will try to hold your wheel and blow up. Maybe some will break away with you, dropping riders who would have otherwise made it to the end of the race with the front pack.

Here are three race results screens from recent events.

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Yes, sandbaggers are removed from the final results on ZwiftPower. But that brings us to the second problem…. Riders have to be connected to ZwiftPower to show in the final results. The end result is that 50 people may be in race, but only 35 are registered on ZwiftPower and thus show up in the final results. My educated guess is that the percentage of racers not using ZwiftPower is much higher today than it was a year or two ago.

So what is the way forward? That will be the topic of some upcoming posts, but let me share a few ideas today. And that should be their continued goal as they tackle the race categorization challenge. Designing a race categorization system for Zwift is no small task. It includes big deliverables like:. If Zwift waits for the entire system to be perfect, it will never launch.

A phased approach is probably wise. Perhaps something along these lines:. Category limits could be exactly what ZwiftPower already uses see above. Example: my FTP is watts, and I weigh 80kg 3.

Standard categorization scheme is:. Yes, Zwifters could change their FTP to cheat the system. And some certainly would.Zwift is an online cycling game and training program that enables users to ride, train and compete in a virtual world. Aimed at eliminating the excruciating boredom of simply sitting on the trainer and staring at the wall, Zwift has exploded in popularity since its release in Indoor cycling is all the rage at the moment.

It seems like every cycling brand now has something to offer this burgeoning market, with recent releases including indoor training bikes from WahooStages and SRMand indoor specific cycling kit from Madison and Le Col.

There are a number of different indoor training apps available, but Zwift is arguably the most fully featured, and almost certainly the most popular — reports suggest that over half a million people have signed up for an account so far.


More and more features are constantly being added to Zwift, which is mostly great because it adds a lot of value to an impressive package. But it can also make knowing how and where to start quite daunting. Zwift is an online, interactive training and racing platform. Your pedalling on a trainer drives your avatar around a virtual course. The harder you pedal, the faster you go. Zwift has eight different worlds more on these laterand within each you can navigate the roads as you go.

You can ride with thousands of other riders inside Zwift. You can join group rides and races — and even get a draft from other riders — or just join the world and jump on with other riders when you want to. You can also do structured power-based workouts. It features a multitude of gamified elements that encourage you to ride longer and harder, with the goal of increasing your fitness.

It takes into account your weight, your power or calculated power, the road gradient and the draft, or lack thereof, from other riders.

Brands such as StagesWahoo and SRM now all offer fully integrated indoor training solutions for those looking to squeeze every last watt out of their virtual training and racing sessions. A smart trainer is the next option. Like an indoor training bike, a smart trainer will measure your power directly and transmit that data straight to Zwift.

If you have a power meteryou can make do with any kind of trainer or rollers. Zwift will then crunch the numbers to estimate your power. On your Mac or PC, you can do it online on the Zwift website. On a tablet or smartphone, you can download the Zwift app from the Apple App Store or Google Playand sign up through that.

This app puts a number of convenient features at your fingertips, such as changing the direction of your avatar and messaging other Zwifters. The Companion app is also a great way of exploring and signing up for the many events that Zwift offers — such as group rides, group workouts and races. Each of these worlds has a number of preset courses for you to ride, or you can just pedal freely around each map.Real world group rides typically break down into Group A, Group B, Group C and so on, depending on the level of fitness of the riders in those groups.

If you're a fast rider, you float into Group A. If you're not so fast, you'll drift down into starting with one of the othe groups, based on the speed you can handle or sometimes the mileage.

See "Real World Racing Classifications" for greater detail on this breakdown. If you're an active rider in Zwift, you probably have a good idea what your top-end performance and fitness is. If you've done an FTP test, this becomes painfully clear quite literally in some cases! Some ride and race events openly advertise what those levels should be for each category. It's best to start at a level you know you're comfortable with and move your way up as long as you're not sandbagging that ridethan to start with an aggressive decision and have to be pushed back down into the next category lower.

The races must be at least 15 miles long if it's a road race and 10 miles long if it's a criterium "crit". Once a rider is classified as Category 4, the category upgrades start to reveal the underlying experience and performance, while the minimum length of the race. Once you're looking to upgrade to Category 2, sanctioned stage races can earn you points.

How do I know which ride or group category I should be in? Zwift Ride and Race Categories If you're an active rider in Zwift, you probably have a good idea what your top-end performance and fitness is. Complete 20 upgrade points in a single month period. Points are awarded based on a chart. Finishing 2nd place in a criterium with 17 starters nets you 3 points. Printer-friendly version Log in to post comments views.So I cleared space in my cupboard-like bedroom in my shared house, open the windows as wide as they would go, and started to pedal on a pretty basic smart trainer set up.

After a few hours of structured workouts, I decided it was time to dive in head-first and test the legs in a Zwift race, all in the interest of journalism. The first thing you notice when the flag drops, is Zwift racing is so much harder than your run of the mill bike race. Racers have the chance to rev their engines on the start line, meaning they can be pushing watts as soon as the race starts.

You then find yourself praying that the pace will ease as you try to find your rhythm while staying in touch with the front of the race, but pretty quickly you will find your limit. The Wahoo Kickr is the warm-up turbo of choice for Team Sky. Photo: Graham Watson. Possibly the biggest reason for Zwift racing being an education in pure pain is the slipstreaming.

You can also find yourself yo-yoing from the back to the front as you manage your effort on the changing terrains.

Opinion: FTP-Based Enforcement (Race Categories, Part 1)

The smallest drop in power can see you losing position so you drag up the wattage to hold your position, and often you put in too much effort and find yourself on or even off the front. Racers will be presented one of five random bonuses to aid their riding — extra points, lightweight, draft boost, and aero boost. The two extra points power-ups are utterly useless and more than a little devastating in race, but the remaining three can give you a big advantage over rivals if used properly.

A lightweight bonus reduces your weight by 15 pounds for 15 seconds, draft boost increases the slipstreaming effect by 50 per cent for 30 seconds, while aero boost makes you 25 per cent more aerodynamic for 30 seconds. Madison-Genesis rider Ian Bibby unleashed a masterclass in power-ups when racing the first round of the Zwift Kiss Super League last year.

But speaking from personal experience, those moments of boosting genius are never as easy as they look. I was then, of course, absolutely blasted in the final sprint.

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Some Zwift races come complete with a 5km rolling start, called a lead-in. In the professional peloton, the neutral zone is a slow processional amble to the start of the race, but in Zwift that is not the case.

The front riders were pushing w for the entire roll out, splitting the peloton beyond repair and leaving me in pieces before the official race distance had even seen a dent. I was racing category B, and slipped back into a second group on the road while some of my cat companions maintained their spots at the head of the racing. This left me clueless and disheartened as I had no idea what position I was battling for in my category.

As with any race, you go through a rollercoaster of moods and emotions as you rub shoulders with fellow racers. Much of the talk around Zwift racing revolves around how many people are cheating by setting their weight too low, thus giving their avatar an advantage based on their wattage.I am more of the above 50 degrees crowd. This provided a perfect opportunity to test out the trainers and virtual programs like Zwift. One of the cool features of Zwift is the ability to race people from all around the world.

In Zwift, almost on a daily basis it seems, there are at least 1 or 2 races. You simply select your category A, B, C or D and wait for the race to start. My preference is to get aquatinted with the course first and then right before the race starts click the blue [ Join Event ] button. There is also a race count down timer, so you know how much time is left before the race start.

How to level up in Zwift faster

A person who weighs pounds or roughly Based on the categories above this person should race Category C. I am not exactly sure how this all plays out, but needless to say, there are plenty of cheaters in Zwift. The race consisted of a 4 lap The first place guy was averaging watts or 6. Considering none of the other racers were even close and almost watts less, it does stick out. Obviously M. Posten was sandbagging the race because he should have been a category A rider based on his stats.

Now that is some serious watts and Chris is considered one of the top cyclists in the world, so M. Posten is either a big time Pro Cyclist or something is way off.

Here are my results from the same race. One thing that was a little annoying was many racers who were in the C category took off fast at the beginning and jumped into the B category pack. So for example a Category 5 race will have Category 5 racers and not Category 1, 2, 3 and 4.Zwift race categories help group people of similar abilities together. When you join the right category, you can test your legs against others who are around your level of fitness.

Some races may show riders in all categories, while in other races you may only see people in your own category. The best way to know which category to enter is to read the event description. You can find this on our events page or in the Companion mobile app. Different races can have different categories, but most races on Zwift use a similar format.

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FTP is the wattage you can stay below and sustain for longer durations, while going above it causes fatigue to occur very quickly. Once you have a number for your FTP in watts, divide it by your weight in kilograms.

Most of the time, this will be what you use to figure out your race category. Not everyone racing in the wrong category does it on purpose.

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These are the most common category boundaries:. There are a few different ways to do it. You can also see who else will be racing by tapping the category label. Select your category on a PC or Mac computer by clicking on the category letter listed below the name of the event you want to join. To change this, tap the event to leave it, and then tap it to join again. Keep going until you see a white circle around the category you want to enter.

When you are taken to the starting pen for the race, you will be placed into your category group automatically. Good luck and have fun! It prepares you for our longer or hilly courses with race simulations as well as cadence work.

Any Zwifter can benefit from the workouts, especially if you have trouble with fast race starts! Login Create Account Download. Download My Profile. Sorry, this content is not available in your chosen language. My Profile. Get Started.


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what is category e in zwift

Change your country or region. Ready to level up racing on Zwift?

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