Lte cell locking

Is there any way to lock onto a specific tower?

Type 1 uses Frequency Division Duplexing uplink and downlink separated by frequencyand TDD Time Division Duplex: A duplexing technique dividing a radio channel in time to allow downlink operation during part of the frame period and uplink operation in the remainder of the frame period.

This overview is not an exhaustive description of the physical layer, but is intended to provide you with a useful background when you configure the VSA LTE demodulator to make measurements. First, an introduction to some of the terms used in describing an LTE Frame. There are six time units: frame, half-frame, subframe, slot, symbol, and the basic time unit T sas shown in the following table. A resource block RB Resource Block is the smallest unit of resources that can be allocated to a user.

In frequency, resource blocks are either 12 x 15 kHz subcarriers or 24 x 7. Frequency units can be expressed in number of subcarriers or resource blocks. For instance, a 5 MHz Megahertz: A unit of frequency equal to one million hertz or cycles per second. The resource element, which is 1 subcarrier x 1 symbol, is the smallest discrete part of the frame and contains a single complex value representing data from a physical channel or signal. The bandwidths defined by the standard are 1.

The table below shows how many subcarriers and resource blocks there are in each bandwidth for uplink and downlink. For downlink signals, the DC subcarrier is not transmitted, but is counted in the number of subcarriers. For uplink, the DC subcarrier does not exist because the entire spectrum is shifted down in frequency by half the subcarrier spacing and is symmetric about DC.

In FDD mode, uplink and downlink frames are both 10ms long and are separated either in frequency or in time. For full-duplex FDD, uplink and downlink frames are separated by frequency and are transmitted continuously and synchronously. In TDD mode, the uplink and downlink subframes are transmitted on the same frequency and are multiplexed in the time domain. The locations of the uplink, downlink, and special subframes are determined by the uplink-downlink configuration.

There are seven possible configurations given in the standard. The following is an illustration of a TDD frame with uplink-downlink configuration set to 2 and special subframe configuration set to 6.

Lg Leon 4G LTE H340n - How to remove pattern lock with hard reset

PRACH format 4 begins in the guard period. Otherwise, nothing else is transmitted during the guard period. There are 9 possible configurations. There are 7 possible uplink-downlink configurations. Subframe 1 is always configured to be a special subframe.

Subframe 6 can also be configured to be a special subframe.XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

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lte cell locking

Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Thanks Meter : Thread Deleted Email Thread. Is there any way to lock onto a specific cell tower or to block a cell phone tower?

I live next to a mall and my phone likes to lock onto the crappy mall tower and not the one that is faster and has better signal. The bars jump all around and using Tasker to display the tower data proves that i am changing towers by moving to the next room. I understand i will lose access to the other tower but I'm a home-body anyway.

lte cell locking

Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Mar I used to have a similar problem. I lived by the highway so I would lock onto the highway tower which was constantly booting me off. The next tower over when I would lock onto it would be perfectly fine The only solution I could find was installing an airrave so I didn't use either tower.This can make it time consuming to build your spreadsheets when they use tables.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds! This is hugely valuable when you want to copy and paste data into a spreadsheet from an external source to keep it up-to-date. In a data table, you can create calculated columns that reference other parts of the data table. When new data is added, the calculated columns will automatically update with the new information and new rows! The flexibility of data tables makes them the first choice for working with structured information, so that just means we need to learn how to work with them!

Keep reading to find out how! This is because each row of the table acts like it is in its own 1-row spreadsheet. That means that the references only need to refer to the table name and the column. The row is assumed to be itself. It just asks for the column and table name. Without doing anything, the calculations accommodate extra data!

lte cell locking

No need to change references in the SUM formula! In the first cell of the column, enter the following formula:. Just press ENTER to populate that formula in the entire column, and you can see the result of this reference in the completed table.

The SUMIF calculation sums all the Sales for each Regiongiving a matching total for every row from the North region and for each of the others as well. Here, we build a formula to calculate quarterly revenue based on volume and unit price. Once the formula is entered, we click in the lower right corner to drag it across the columns for the other quarters.

When we release the click, the formulas for each quarter are calculated. The easiest way to show how this is done is to walk through an example.

This might be how your data could look if you were importing it from a database or other reporting software.

NSG User Manual

In this example, we are going to name the table in Excel as DataTable. In this case, our goal is to have a separate column for each month and a separate row for each region:.

lte cell locking

This table will be called PivotTable. Starting in the North column and the Jan row, build this formula:. The trick to locking the reference for the column involves treating it like a range of columns that only includes itself.Support for Direct-IP mode type cards only.

Note that using PPP emulation mode you may not get the same throughput speeds as using the LTE interface emulation type. Warning: This guide is for RouterOS versions starting from 6. Start with network settings - Add new connection parameters under LTE apn profile provided by network provider :.


After interface is added, you can use "info" command to see what parameters client acquired parameters returned depends on LTE hardware device :.

Starting from RouterOS v6. In this configuration the router will not get IP configuration from the modem. Passthrough will only work for one host. Router will automatically detect MAC address of the first received packet and use it for the Passthrough. If there are multiple hosts on the network it is possible to lock the Passthrough to a specific MAC. Note, that it will not be possible to connect to the LTE router via public lte ip address or from the host which is used by the passthrough.

It is suggested to create additional connection from the LTE router to the host for configuration purposes. For example vlan interface between the LTE router and host. Warning: Passthrough is not supported by all chipsets. MBIM emulation does not support passthrough. Values can be used to find location in databases: Cell Id Finder. LTE info command provides currently used cellular tower information:. Exact tower location as well as available bands and other information can be acquired from mobile carrier or by using online services:.

By using those acquired variables it's possible to send AT command to modem for locking to tower in current format:. For R11e-LTE all set on locks are lost after reboot or modem reset.

Cell data can be also gathered from "cell-monitor". For R11e-LTE6 cell lock works only for the primary band, this can be useful if you have multiple channels on the same band and you want to lock it to a specific earfcn.

Note, that cell lock is not band-specific and for ca-band it can also use other frequency bands, unless you use band lock. Use cell lock to set the primary band to the earfcn and use the second channel for the ca-band:. For R11e-LTE6 modem cell lock information will not be lost after reboot or modem reset. To remove cell lock use at-chat command:.

All PLMN codes available here this variable can be also left blank. To lock modem to the cell - modem needs to be in non operating state, easiest way for R11e-4G modem is to add CellLock line to "modem-init" string:. Multiple cells can also be added by providing list instead of one tower informatin in following format:.

In case your modem is not being recognized after a soft reboot, then you might need to add a delay before the USB port is being initialized.

This can be done using the following command:. Firmware updates usually includes small improvements in stability or small bug fixes that can't be included into RouterOS. Some sources have found out that this limitation is done by monitoring TTL Time To Live values from packets to determinate if limitations need to be applied TTL is decreased by 1 for each "hop" made. RouterOS allows changing the TTL parameter for packets going from the router to allow hiding sub networks.Additionally, AZQ also provide a Replay tool for the Engineers to analyze the problematic logs donwloaded from server.

This way, expert engineers can spend less time on the common cases and spend more time on more advanced, real time analysis cases where common PC-based tools also Scanners are really required on-site. Analyze call drop, call blocks, coverage, interference and other network problems from log replay in our PC AZQ log analysis software - radio parameters and Layer-3 messages.

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The server generates an excel report for each uploaded log. What about multiple log export? Yes we can! No restart required between locking operations! For testing purposes, engineers can force the phone to use only the specified LTE cell via this feature. The Android data indicator would show 'G' instead of 'E'.

Suitable for legacy report test cases where customers need to ensure and test GPRS operations. Note: LTE L3 is not available yet. How AZQ helps radio network testing teams? In-car mode: auto start tests when powered by car-charger, auto upload, auto boot.

Scheduled mode: schedule tests from the central server. Manual mode: start tests by hand from app - also supports Indoor map-marking. Get the logs on the web Test logs are automatically uploaded to the central server See the big picture: Heat maps, Dashboards, Trend graphs Immediately see repetitive Call Drop, Call Block points on map Extensive search functions: Search by tags, area, date, problem type, unit groups, etc. Download logs and analyze the problems Analyze call drop, call blocks, coverage, interference and other network problems from log replay in our PC AZQ log analysis software - radio parameters and Layer-3 messages.Sometimes you need to lock on a specific cell tower due to bad cell conditions such as low data speed or because you need to test another nearby cell condition.

I will teach you how to do that on Samsung Galaxy S6. You need to run a secret code but Samsung has prevented you to run it from the phone Dialer, so you need to root your phone and manually execute the command. You can get it from Google Play Store. Follow the instructions: 1. Open Terminal Shortcut app. Run the shortcut and a window similar to the one below will open:.

LTE Cell Locking 1. Reboot your device. GSM Cell Locking 1. Reset Cell Locking 1.

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Code: Select all. However, it doesn't answer why the recommended command Code: Select all.

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WeWiNet Member Candidate. I suggest you upgrade to the router to beta, upgrade then LTE modem FW and then downgrade router to the 6. Please check then if issue is still there, might have gone away then. The rest of behaviour was not changed. I tried to bring the device in the city and see how it works in different LTE networks I have here. With LTE it works fine.

But not for 3G. So, it seems the 3G support here is just very formal and unsupported feature. Actually, one should forget about claimed 3G support and take in the mind the LTE only. Sadly I have only 3G network in the location I planned to use the device and the lack of 3G support make it incapable to work there.

I was mislead by the claimed 3G support. Unfortunately, it was only waste of time and money.


And I have to return to some Huawei solution with an external yagi or logo-periodic antenna. Actually, the market device description and documentation does not correspond the actual device capabilities. Incorrect documentation and no support. I believe it's the last mikrotik device I ever bought. I believe most of MNOs operate all technologies from same towers these days so if one technology has low signal level, other technologies won't be much better if at all.

All three options are critical. Larsa Member Candidate.

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