How to spot fake coca cola

Hey this is really helpful! Do you still check this site? I have a tray that I think might be an original but I'm not sure how to tell because I don't see any print on it. Tim the tray man here. Tell me more about your tray. Any info will help.

Coca-Cola fake trays

What year do you think it is and what artwork is on it. Thanks Tim. I have a tray, rather large with scalloped type edge. It is black with berry? I can't find any printing on it. The back is black. Can you tell me if this is a fantasy tray, repro or original? Thanks so much.

The Iconic Coca-Cola Wheeling Pottery Syrup Urn

Hey Time I have a question regarding a tray! It is the 's Thirst Knows no season tray. It features a women from Placerville,Ca. Hello Tim! I have a couple of questions for you about a tray that I have. First off it is the thirst knows no seasons tray, How do I know if this tray is a repro or an original? Secondly I was told that it featured a women from Placerville, CA. I have two coke trays that may be fantasy, not even reproductions.Please create an account, or Log in here.

If you don't have an account, create one here. Must be Friday because I have a cool sign to show you.

how to spot fake coca cola

If you recall, the auction listing had very poor quality pictures. I had reservations about purchasing, based on my research of similar signs which had qualities indicating reproduction.

How to Cheek Fake Pepsi and Coca-Cola Watch This Video

I used my usual tactic of negotiating a buy it now price rather than get caught up in a bidding war this practice often yields sweet fruit After putting this thing under the magnifying glass, I'm nearly satisfied it's authentic.

The color, script, and aging of the painted side is very much like my tin arrow from same period. The maker's detail on the back of the sign I believe was originally red print still some visible but has faded to a light black color.

Awright Guys, need your stamps of approval.

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As always I welcome all comments, critiques, insight, and info. Create an account or login in order to post a comment. Collectors Weekly. Sign in. All Categories All. Coke loves this. Neighborguysfan loves this.

how to spot fake coca cola

AzTom loves this. Manikin loves this. Posted 8 years ago. Coke Signs. See all. Coke Signs of A fantasy item is an item that is created and there is no original item like it.

These are usually produced to deceive collectors, and are produced without the permission of The Coca-Cola Company. Shown here are a few of the many Coca-Cola items that are often misrepresented to purposefully fool the unaware.

how to spot fake coca cola

Some are obvious and others are very well done. I personally consider these items worthless. Many of them were produced illegally and have absolutely no value as a Coca-Cola collectible.

Buyer beware! It is up to the collector to educate himself before spending money. Many mirrors similar to this one have been produced since the 70's. All of them are fantasy. Coca-Cola never produced pub style mirrors such as these. This is but a small representation of the many mirrors such as these that are available. Many glass signs similar to this one have been produced since the 70's. These three dimensional wood signs are very common and are very poorly executed.

Their quality alone should make it obvious to people that they are not authentic. Originating from India and other locations, these porcelain signs are made to deceive the uneducated collector.

They come in black, red, green and blue. For many more fake porcelain signs, please see the "Made in Mumbai" page. These decoupaged signs many different images have been around since the 70's, and have fooled many a beginning collector. An example of the many fake pocket mirrors that are offered for sale. They are much like a pin back button and can be easily produced by anyone with a color printer and a proper machine.

An example of the many fake pocket watches on the market. The watch case and mechanism is authentic, but the face is not. On occasion, Coca-Cola gave away wrist watches as employee rewards, but never pocket watches.

These knives were produced in large quantities for flea market sales in the early 70's. There are many variations. All these round knives are fakes. Coca-Cola never produced items such as these. These knives and sets of dinnerware with a bone-like celluloid or plastic handle and red imprint were produced many years ago by a collector who circulated them as authentic.

They are not. Coca-Cola never produced knives with Worlds Fair markings and other markings such as these.Posted in bottlesand collectibles. When you visit antique shops and malls in the state, you expect to see even more. While my sister Christine breezed through the store and finished rather quickly, I was still looking through a case in the first room. At an antiques mall near Macon, I spotted two vintage porcelain Coke signs whose prices attested to their authenticity.

Most of the stuff at an all-Coke booth at the Big Peach mall were reproductions whose asking prices were much more than I thought the items were worth. It seems that I always come across the hobble-skirt Coke bottleswhich were first used around and are still in use today. I just knew I had made a magnificent find.

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Once I got them home and did the research, I learned that they were fakes. Coke bottlers starting in embossed the name of their city and state on the bottom of the bottles, and some collectors buy them based on that bottles with small town names are said to be more collectible. My auction bottles, however, had a ring that connected the name of the city and state, indicating that they were fakes. At one of the antique malls, I stopped at a booth with more than a dozen hobble-skirt Coke bottles on a shelf.

One website I checked showed a similar s bottle from the Chattanooga Glass Co. This goes to show that you should always educate yourself before you go out shopping at antique malls for anything.

Or do what I do: Google it on my Droid phone. If you have some Coke bottles and want to know how much they sell for, eBay is a good place to start.

You are incorrect about the amber bottles. Coca Cola definitely bottled in the Amber bottle in The later hobble-skirts were not; those would be fakes.

Hello, I just read your article on Coca Cola bottles and wanted to say I enjoyed reading it,but there are some inaccurate statements in it.

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The bottle is irradiated over time and turns this color. A bottle from Buena Vista,Ga 20 miles from me was found recently and no one knew they bottled those types of Coca Cola bottles. Good Luck Hunting, Eric. Not all hobbleskirt bottles with lines between the city and state are reproductions. In fact, the mark on the bottom similar to a copyright symbol was used by the Chattanooga Glass Company from There are several types of reproduction trays to be aware of, and several characteristics of authentic trays to look for.

These are very easy to establish as reproductions and they are not nearly as valuable as the original trays.

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Unauthorized Reproductions These are trays that were produced by someone looking to make a quick dollar, the quality of these reproductions varies widely with some able to fool even seasoned collectors. Fantasy trays are trays with designs that were never produced by the Coca-Cola Company, whereas unauthorized repros are just trying to fake something that did exist. The best way to tell a fantasy tray from a real tray is to learn about what trays were made and go to shows or auctions where you can see and feel authentic trays.

Authentic Coca-Cola trays will have black backs, while many reproductions have yellow, white, or other colored backs. Again, many reproductions also include this feature, but often it is crudely done. Not every tray has every piece of information so again, you need to get out there and learn what these trays really look like up-close. Complicating this though is the fact that many older trays have faded, stained, or worn down so that the original color is not really there anymore.

Home History Is it Real? Fantasy Trays Fantasy trays are trays with designs that were never produced by the Coca-Cola Company, whereas unauthorized repros are just trying to fake something that did exist. Black Back Authentic Coca-Cola trays will have black backs, while many reproductions have yellow, white, or other colored backs.The Coca-Cola Company logo is one of the most recognizable trademarks in the world.

Officially licensed to manufacturers around the world, the distinctive script logo decorates items of virtually every shape and design.

Such items are found in swank gift shops to television shopping networks and from flea markets to cyberspace. With millions of such new "collectors items" being sold, some are bound to enter the traditional antiques and collectibles marketplace. One major category of Coke rip-off items in the marketplace is china and glass pieces. A lot of the glassware has a similar look and could possibly be coming from the same individuals traced to the New England area in the United States.

This article will give the reader the facts to help distinguish these new fakes from the old originals. We'll be discussing two new lighting globes, a bottle, two new signs, a jar and a Fiesta-like china pitcher. Most noticeable among the new glass arrivals are a number of milk glass globes and lamp shades.

The lettering and images on these new pieces are painted not a decal. The paint is applied with a silkscreen or other stencil-like process and produces a "factory made" authentic look. These recently applied Coca-Cola logos have appeared on genuinely old glass as well as on new glass; be alert for both. The new example in Fig. This particular piece has the words "glass or bottle" under the logo. The logo and lettering in this example are repeated twice around the globe.

Identifying these fakes is relatively easy when you know what to look for. There are only two types of original Coca-Cola milk glass globes.

One has a closed bottom Fig. The other shade, which we'll call Type B, has a hole in the bottom Fig. The most important feature of both original globes that separates them from the new, is that the originals have green striping that runs around the outside edge see arrows in Figs.

So far, none of the new shades have used this green striping. There is one green stripe above the logo in Type A globes. In Type B globes, a green line appears above and below the logo; there are also decorative flourishes in green around the hole in the bottom and hanging down from the green line above the logo. Another clue to age is to count how many times the logo is repeated around the shade.

On Type A globes, the logo is repeated four times; on Type B globes, the logo is repeated three times. Original hardware, which is rarely found, was stamped "Property of the Coca-Cola Company". Both styles of globes date from the s. Newly applied logos have also been turning up on seltzer bottles Figs. Like the new globes, these bottles appear to be authentic at first glance because the designs are in paint, not decals. The words "Trade Mark Registered" are very distinct in the tail of the "C" which would lead you to believe the bottle is pre This is a complete fantasy item, however; no such bottle was ever originally made.

Lettering on the fake bottles is in red and green as detailed in Fig. Keep in mind that the new logo and lettering are generally applied to old bottles.Beware of Coca-Cola bottles sold on eBay. It was a dark purple contour bottle. Also, there is no such thing as a purple Coca-Cola bottle. According to Antiquebottles. The older Coke bottles had manganese that will turn the bottle dark purple when irradiated.

January 24, at pm. Belkis, Thanks for the link to your article about the altered bottles. They are popping up and people are paying way too much for them. And thanks for visiting my blog! Keep up the great work here at your blog. Looks great!

Belkis Cardona-Rivera said:. I was so happy to come across your blog! So hopefully the link to your blog can shed some light to folks out there that need just a little bit of insight. I will definitely be visiting your site often! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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