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HTML5 is sure to be a big hit this year as far as web design trends go, and rightfully so. Up until recently, we have had to navigate a grey area in terms of compatibility and definition, and as a result, many of the early adoptions of HTML5 have been partial or complete disasters. HTML5 is just the markup — a set of standards that define how a document should be structured and how browsers should interpret it.

Rather than shouldering all the responsibility for presentation and functionality, HTML5 gets back to basics, allowing us to tap into APIs and native browser functionality, while looking to CSS to create the visual look and feel. In the end we are left with a straight-forward and simplified language for creating websites and applications. Previously, the ability to play any type of audio within a browser involved using Adobe Flash or other browser plugins.

5+ Best Free HTML5 Audio Players for Website

Instead of spending time on researching for the ones you needed, Here in this compilation, we pick the some of the best website HTML5 audio player options freely available to use. NET, ruby gem, and plone. More details. Speakker comes out of the box in two variations and with incredible options of customization: Flexible dimensions, unlimited colors and two different button sets for light and dark themes. Easy to set up.

20 HTML5 Audio Players for Websites

Just a few lines of Javascript and a quantum CSS. It uses native where available and an invisible flash player to emulate for other browsers. It provides a consistent html player UI to all browsers which can be styled used standard css. No Flash!

Developed by Scott Andrew. Official Link. A jQuery plugin, jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages.

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There is no second step! All you had to do is to create a player of your choice using option panel and get the respective HTML code.

Supported file formats depend on the browser used. Use it on any page which has links to downloadable audio files, for example, you can play music stored in your Dropbox — visit dropbox. AAP is a fully accessible cross-browser media player. Browsers that support neither degrade to a list of links to MP3 files. Besides the general configuration of the plugin itself, it uses for each individual tag the attributes the respective tag has like poster, width, controls, autoplay etc.

This is a useful wordpress plugin for html 5 audio and video allows you to embed media for native playback in supported browsers and offers a graceful degradation for unsupported browsers. It supports all browsers i. Do any of these support Icecast streams? Flash is buggy for streaming, and being phased out of mobile devices.

I will try this steps and make something better… Thanks for Sharing this helpful Steps… Joomla Video player. Great to see all the work being done! Fill in a quick form, and publish online.According to Buzz Angle Musica total of 83 billion audio streams were consumed in U.

This marks a Meanwhile, music sales dropped by May 8th, This popular article was updated to reflect the currently available audio players and plugins. One advantage of streaming is that the audience can enjoy their favorite music and on-line broadcasts without worrying about storage space on their devices.

More and more people, especially the younger generation, are discovering this convenience as the availability of affordable Internet reaches more people. Currently one of the best open source media players for websites, MediaElement. This means issues will be resolved faster and it will likely be kept up-to-date with the latest HTML5 standards and browser support.

SoundManager 2 is built to make it easier to deliver audio to desktop and mobile platforms. It has no external dependencies and can be used with other JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery. Documentation is top notch, allowing developers to configure it for their needs.

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It supports playlists and multiple skins are available out of the box. Some of the websites using it include Last. Development of this audio player has slowed down, but the open-source community is doing a great job resolving issues reported by users. Sound Manager 2 is really well designed and is still compatible with the latest browser standards. It currently supports all major browsers including IE6, Safari, and Android. If you are looking for a jPlayer version that has no dependency on jQuery, then you are in luck that is, if you are a React developer.

React-jPlayer is a very new entry heavily inspired by jPlayer. It currently supports both audio and video. Modern browsers from IE9 and all modern mobile platforms are supported. This means older browsers such as IE6 and IE7 are not supported not a big deal. The project seems to have been started a few months ago and it has already gotten downloads in the last month. From the demo provided, all features appear to be working correctly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Playlists are currently not supported, though. This will be implemented in an upcoming package named react-jPlaylist. Being a React project, this obviously puts a limitation on use in other front-end JavaScript frameworks such as Vue. It does, however, have a vast number of customizable features making it ideal for building a new modern website for streaming music. This hugely popular HTML5 audio player brings a remarkable number of options to users.

It supports a wide range of features and looks as demonstrated in the live preview page, including full-screen slide show. Among its many features, is that it supports popup windows allowing visitors to continue browsing your site without interrupting the audio stream.

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Multiple instances of the audio player are also supported on the same page. This is a WordPress plugin that converts your standard WordPress site into a music site. It is fully responsive and features the ability to add playlists and tracks to a page or post. It also supports window pop-ups for non-interruptible media playback.

SoundCloud is supported as well.HTML5 browsers have, in recent years, begun to gain more and more market share. That has made a great deal of developers quite excited, as they can start leaving their cumbersome Flash players for more elegant, faster HTML5 media players.

It includes custom Flash and Silverlight players that will work with older browsers, and those players are designed to mimic the normal MediaElement player. Like MooTools player above it, jPlayer is based on a framework: jQuery. If you are looking for a simple, flexible HTML5 player that works with jQuery and has great documentation and community support, then look no further than jPlayer!

The first and most obvious one is cross-device compatibility — the player has been tested extensively and works on iOS, Android, and desktop browsers. The player features graceful fallback capabilities and slick interface.

You can toggle a circular progress meter that shows time remaining as well as the playback position. The progress meter and the audio buttons offer customizable color and dimensions to fit your theme. Definitely worth a look if you need a smart, inexpensive HTML5 audio player to fit on your mobile-optimized website!

SoundManager 2. With some customization, however, it can be skinned to just about any theme, image, or design imaginable — the screenshot below is a skinned and customized install of SoundManager 2, complete with functioning turntables! SoundManager 2 is lean — the whole install is only about 11 KB once properly optimized.

The API has no external dependencies and is flexible and easy to use, supporting HTML5 audio where appropriate and falling back to Flash gracefully when need be. The buttons shimmer and move very fluidly, and the entire interface feels very slick. It has some basic functionality that lets you build a playlist and rate the songs on it, as well as the ability to add links to the songs to buy them, and it can be modified to add, for example, artist bios or song lyrics to the songs on the playlist.

It is cross-browser compatible, and it supports Flash fallback, making this another media player ideal for using on mobile devices like Android and iPad. OIPlayer jQuery plugin. OIPlayer is another jQuery based player that comes with a few bells and whistles. It can fall back to either Flowplayer or Cortado if a fallback is required. The player and its buttons are skinnable with CSS, and you can place the buttons on top or down below the player.

Each of the players on this list is well-suited for a different purpose — some are better for mobile, others are more full-features but larger.Adding a music player to your webpage is a great way to improve the user experience and to get noticed by search engines that direct traffic to your site.

There are more than a few media platforms that enable users to establish audio players; however, if your site requires an HTML5 audio player the selection radically decreases. Cincopa application provides you with extraordinary HTML5 audio player templates, a wide range of advanced services and features and full security for your files.

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Cincopa's HTML5 audio widgets grant you with a full control over the appearance and performance of your content. You may upload as many files as you want, customize multiple options and insert the HTML5 audio player using Cincopa's simple and friendly wizard.

The entire process should not take more than a few minutes, and it does not require any technical skills. All conversions are done automatically by the application; therefore, you just need to concentrate on choosing the music and make creative resolutions regarding the order in which you want to play it, whether you would like to include a playlist and so forth.

Choose one of Cincopa audio templates and set options such as size, playlist, art album, description, autostart etc. Set authorization options and preview.

Best Wordpress Audio Player Plugin

You may customize a few templates before you take the final decision. Upload multiple sound tracks and images to your Cincopa gallery.

Cincopa provides you with hosting and delivery services; thus you are not limited to your server's quota. Upload files from your desktop, your mobile devices or from any URL on the web. Cincopa application automatically performs all needed conversions and images' resizing. Copy the simple line of code, generated by Cincopa's wizard, and paste it into the desirable location on your page. Cincopa does not only offer stylish and efficient HTML5 audio templates, but also uses advanced technologies and high-end services to make sure your content is secured and delivered in the highest speed.

Cincopa is dedicated to providing you with the best performance possible, which means your visitors will not suffer from buffering and stuttering issues. Audio Playlist Templates. Responsive dark branded player with playlist Responsive audio gallery with customizable colors design and controls with branded player. Responsive blue audio player with playlist Fully responsive audio player, innovative, customizable and modern look.

HTML5 Audio Player

Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist dark background Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist, simple, innovative, customizable, fully responsive, touch support, dark background. Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist bright background Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist, simple, innovative, customizable, fully responsive, touch support, bright background.

Responsive HTML5 audio rounded player with playlist Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist, simple, innovative, customizable, fully responsive, touch support, rounded player. Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist with images Responsive HTML5 audio player, simple yet innovative, customizable, fully responsive, touch support, playlist with images. Audio player with large cover Large cover audio player, useful for pictures, text, covers, responsive, many options for pro users.

Smooth Audio Player Light Simple and responsive audio player with minimal design, expanded playlist, bottom control pannel. Smooth Audio Player Silver Audio player with playlist and simplified control bar, smooth and adaptive design that integrates with all devices and web browsers. Responsive tiny audio player with playlist Small audio player with list underneath, responsive, ergonomic, narrow control bar.

Bandcamp audio player Bandcamp audio player, simple and fast to create, SEO friendly, detailed playlist. Baroque audio player Straight out audio player with a fresh, elegant and clean design, SEO friendly. Rounded audio player Elegant HTML5 based audio player, modern design, intuitive interface, responsive with touch screen support.

Minimalist audio player Minimalist audio player with fresh and elegant design, responsive layout, full control bar, customizable colours. Tiny audio player with playlist Neat design audio player, very little space used, fully customizable playlist, user friendly, easy to manage. Fixed Audio Templates. Responsive bottom page audio player Responsive bottom page audio player, scaleable width and height, audio display of cover art.We have offered our free radio player for several years now.

free html5 audio player

And just recently revamped it to HTML5. And if you don't have a stream create one on our modern console:. That's great Not only can Google penalize you in the search results ranking if you are not https, but Chrome now displays your site as insecure. But what if your current streaming doesn't provide a secure stream? We take your stream and secure it for you. But, it's more convenient to host your radio with us.

Customize your free radio player to match your brand's style and feel. There is a wide selection of colors. An option upload your logo and change the size of the player. Our radio player displays album art automatically. You don't have to upload any pictures. This will really help differentiate your radio. And not only does it look great, but it also looks professional. If you're playing some deep dark indie song and no album art is found, it will display your station's logo. You don't need any programming skills to embed the player on your website.

You only need access to the html code. We give you a custom code snippet that you can copy and paste into the page. When someone visits the page, the radio player will load automatically. You can also choose to enable or disable autoplay. This will attach your free radio player at the bottom of your website.

You can either embed it on the left or right side. Put a link anywhere on your website. Once a user clicks it, the radio player opens in a new popup window. This script will allow you to place your radio player at any specific location on the page—even at the middle.

Autodj Radio. Radio Hosting. Help Center. Service Status. All rights reserved. Free Radio Player for Your Website. A beautiful way to tune in.You can Play embed a nice audio player in post, page, widget areas as well as templete files too.

It Has tons of options that can fit your audio player needs. Wanna see how it works? Click Here To see demo.

free html5 audio player

You can install as others regular wordpress plugin. No different way. Please see on installation tab. The following people have contributed to this plugin. View support forum. Donate to this plugin. Skip to content WordPress. Description Play.

5 Open Source HTML5 Video Players for 2019

Demo Wanna see how it works? You will get Shortcode for every player In the player list. Copy Shortcode for playre you wanna publish Past the shortcode in post, page, widget areas To publish them. Click the Icon to add it. Select A Player Publish and Enjoy! For installation help click on Installation Tab Features Embed audio player in post, page, widget area and theme templates The audio player is compact so it does not take a lot of real estate on your webpage. Support playinline.

Controls over all the buttons. Shortcoe driven. So its more powerfull. Its very easy to use that means you dont have to be a expert to use this plugin. The plugin will play the appropriate one based on the device. Lite Weight. Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. FAQ How do I install this plugin? What audio type can i play? You can play mp3, oog and wav audio files. A great plugin, easy to use and to customize display.

Support responses is extremely quick and useful.Attributes like height, width and autoplay can be defined in the tags similar to any other HTML element —. Bit turns UI components into building blocks you can share, discover and develop in any project. Open source video players offer some advantages over players developed with proprietary software.

Many businesses and individual users prefer to go the open source route as it does away with the procurement barrier. Video players built with proprietary software use private source code and is offered via licensing where users need to pay for and agree to the different terms and conditions before being able to use the player.

Given the vastly improved scrutiny around security, the availability of patches and bug fixes, open source video players are free to use without licensing fees and cumbersome, contracts. Some additional benefits include. Open source media players are entirely free for the general public to download and use. Even the source code can be reviewed and evaluated. Some open source media player vendors include a free version of their software packages for trial purposes which also consists of the source code.

Popular open source video players have thousands of people looking through the code; therefore, there is a much higher chance of a bug being identified than compared to a proprietary media player where the developer organization would have a far smaller IT staff. Additionally, open source communities are usually much quicker to develop and implement a fix, patch or a workaround.

Open source video players can be customized and modified to meet the specific requirements of the organization or individual. On the other hand, with proprietary video players, the most you can do is submit feature requests and enhancements that would better align with your needs. It is up to the developer organization to consider them or not. When it comes to open source video players, irrespective of whether it is currently in the evaluation stage or is being integrated commercially, its global community of developers and users are always available to answer questions and give advice.

This support can include detailed documentation, wikis, newsgroups, forums, email lists as well as live chat. All of which is absolutely free. In this section, we have compiled a list of 5 open source HTML5 media players that we feel are among the top open sources players available today. It is lightweight, accessible and customizable and supports all modern browsers.

You can access the complete source with NPM using npm install plyr. Playback on the desktop and mobile devices is also supported.

free html5 audio player

Started inVideo. A free to use CDN hosted version of Video. Using Video. Once the page loads, Video. Afterglow is a tool used to create fully responsive video players from different HTML5 video elements with minimal effort. It has a very simple initialization process and supports different qualities. A complete guide to install MediaElement. For any additional features, you can refer their GitHub repository.

You will need to add the following lines to composer. Once done, you can execute the following:. Composer will now download all components and install the needed files into the specified path.

free html5 audio player

In case you are interested, here are some of the best non-open source HTML5 video players available today that deserve a mention —. It is optimized to provide the best in class viewer experience and supports high-resolution videos and adaptive streaming.

However, Cloudinary video player stands out from the rest because it offers video encoding, manipulation and hosting service for your video assets.

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